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Our Intent

The Northern Starlets ~
where vaudeville meets classic burlesque.

Our Starlets are desire manifested, with performances that charm the heart, and tickle the funny bone. Alluring sensations of grace, beauty, wit, and fun weave a tapestry of delight that dazzles and draws you in.

From hearts desire to spotlight and stage, the Northern Starlets was created by foundress La Sirène; whose main goal is recapturing that old timey feel of vaudeville blended with vintage burlesque.

Be-witched and be delighted as our Starlets enrapture and ensnare ~ first your gaze and then your hearts.

Our comedic emcees evoke a theatrical lampoon of slapstick parody and verbal horseplay, illustrating a shtick caricature of ‘wisecrackery’ and ridicule.

Jests and jokes run rampant in this carnival of hijinks, while feats of flame and fearless acts conjured by our own firecracker enchant and mystify.

The Northern Starlets is our tribute to the pioneers of vaudeville and burlesque ~ the truest and most freeing form of human experience and expression.

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